GreenLit MySQL provides a full spectrum of MySQL DBA services to fit the needs and budgets of small businesses and startups. If you are having database performance issues or need some suggestions on how to better manage your data and increase your productivity, GreenLit MySQL is here to help.

Complete monitoring services are also available to detect issues early before they become major problems. The goal is to provide comprehensive services that ultimately save you time and money. GreenLit MySQL is committed to 100% client satisfaction.

MySQL Performance Optimization

Over time, database designs, usage and upgrades can cause performance issues. GreenLit MySQL can help you increase the performance of your MySQL database deployment by analyzing your current configuration. MySQL performance optimization service includes an analysis of your current configuration with a detailed performance report and identification of potential areas for improvement and optimization. If your issues are related to your web server, this analysis will diagnose and provide a detailed report on that as well.

This service results in substantial performance improvements for most clients. GreenLit MYSQL can implement any of the recommendations in your analysis. The benefit to your business is a one-stop shop for analyzing database issues, providing detailed reports and optimization suggestions and implementing upgrades or adding new services as needed.

Database Architecture

GreenLit MySQL’s comprehensive database architectural design service includes an intensive database, application and infrastructure analysis. Design recommendations are provided for performance, availability, functionality, resilience, and capacity planning. Performance impact issues are identified. In addition, GreenLit MySQL can help you select hardware, servers and software to enhance data flow within your organization. This service also includes backend design for new applications or upgrades to ensure you get the best performance possible.

You need a comprehensive analysis that provides you with a robust solution that supports high performance demands. GreenLit MySQL looks at the big picture to evaluate your current infrastructure as well as anticipated growth.

MySQL High Availability

Today’s increased demand for data requires a highly available database. GreenLit MySQL advises you on which database solution is right for your business. With this solution, you no longer need to choose between performance and availability. This service includes installation, configuration, testing and benchmarking of clustering and backup solutions.

With GreenLit MySQL’s High Availability service, your business is online 24x7x365. Your productivity increases. Your ability to perform disaster recovery with minimal loss increases. And you can sleep better at night knowing that your data is fully protected.

MySQL Upgrades and Migrations

Using outdated database solutions can cause your system performance issues and cost you money over time. GreenLit MySQL can upgrade your database solution to meet today’s performance and data challenges.

This service includes the migration of your data from legacy systems to enhanced solutions with minimal disruption and cost. The service also provides upgrading and migration from any costly proprietary system to a more robust database solution that results in cost saving and increased performance for your business.

Mysql Database Automation

Many developers and DBAs lack the experience of writing scripts that are well-designed, reliable and secure. This situation can lead to downtime and increased cost from a task that is designed to save you time and money. GreenLit MySQL has years of experience building effective scripts that provide automation for simple as well as complex repeatable tasks. These scripts can automate several tasks, including:

  • Slave server setup
  • Server cluster setup
  • New server installation
  • Data migration from one server to another

GreenLit MySQL can automate your tasks so your team and your business can focus on what’s most important.

MySQL Monitoring

MySQL Monitoring provides 24x7x365 server monitoring for you so we can identify potential issues pro-actively in advance of problems arising. When critical issues arise, GreenLit MySQL receives notification within minutes, and usually the issue is resolved within less than 1 hour.

This service keeps your database running smoothly, protects your data and avoids undetected issues that can later cost you money.